Our Angel: Blonde, Beautiful, and Sings


When the title “One Angel and Twenty-One Miracles” came to me in the middle of the night, I wondered what ‘angelic’ attributes I could ascribe to Julene. I felt like many angels are depicted in pictures as blonde. We were always amazed how blonde Julene was as a little girl.


So often friends would say:  “Julene is so beautiful!”  And sometimes:  “She looks just like an angel!”    Perhaps pictures are not able to capture her beauty completely.


Julene started singing when she was two.  Her first performance was when she was three and a half–singing western songs!

J-M-SL singingS

She left orchestra to be in choir. She sang high soprano–classically she was a coloratura soprano. She was honored to sing a solo at the graduation banquet at Ricks College.

J-grad dinner

But her real love was singing and playing the banjo. She toured Europe four times as the banjo player and lead singer for the Folk Ensembles that accompanied the Ricks College and BYU Folk Dance Groups.


We believe she is still blessing lives–that she still sings in the Heavens!