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Approaching her 21st birthday, Julene’s life seemed PERFECT! She had just returned home from a 7-week performance tour in Europe, started her senior year in college, and was making wedding plans with her true love.

Tragedy struck when she was routinely prescribed an antibiotic for a sore throat. The rare toxic reaction that followed taking only 2 capsules of penicillin was not recognized during the first two trips to the hospital emergency room, but it left 70% of her skin blistered, her internal organs damaged, and her eyes severely impaired.

Julene was flown to a burn center where she was placed in an induced coma and on a ventilator and oxygen for over two months. Serious complications of every kind arose including multiple surgeries, near fatal reactions to medicines, and the constant deterioration of her lungs. When she recovered enough to be conscious again, she was unable to walk, to talk, to see, or to breathe without a ventilator. Healing was slow, rehabilitation was traumatic, and her suffering was horrendous—both physically and emotionally.

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Julene battled for her life with extraordinary courage and incredible persistence. She uplifted those around her with her kind manner and her wonderful sense of humor, which surfaced even under such difficult conditions. Those who interacted with her truly felt that they were in the presence of an angel! And this angel was the recipient of many miracles.

This book will give courage and perspective to those who have difficult trials in their life. It will comfort those who have lost loved ones and help them to understand that there is a purpose to life, and that there truly is life after death.